Naughty little secrets of the Singaporean honeymooner

Naughty little secrets of the Singaporean honeymooner

When the cat's away, the mice will play

Text: Denise Kok

Image: Getty Images

Can't say we didn't see that coming

Lovebirds. They're everywhere. Especially in popular honeymoon spots such as Paris and the Maldives. However, Singaporean honeymooners seem to be quite the rebels. In a recent survey conducted by Censuswide for boutique hotel website Mr & Mrs Smith, Japan emerged as a top honeymoon destination, followed by Argentina, India, and Sri Lanka. Below, more surprising facts they've culled from quizzing 500 hot-blooded cupids. 

20% of couples went on their honeymoon with friends

It's not clear if these friends came with or without benefits.

12% of honeymooners spent most of their time in their suites

Homebodies, we imagine. Or not.  


45% of couples planned a combo-moon

For the uninitiated, a combo-moon is a buffet-style honeymoon that covers multiple destinations. Why settle for one place when you can taste all the flavours?

6% of couples have been caught in a compromising position in the bedroom 

The 'Do Not Disturb' sign is there for a reason. Use it. 

27% of couples conceived on their honeymoon

That's a higher success rate than what the Ministry of Social and Family Development could ever hope for. Someone should get them on as sponsors for this survey. 

aesop mr mrs smith

34% of couples pretended to be on a honeymoon for the freebies

You know who you are. Karma's going to get you. 

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