Rimowa goes street with its latest Off-White collaboration

Rimowa goes street with its latest Off-White collaboration

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Text: Rachel Ng

Celebrating its 120th with transparency

First Fendi, and now Off-White — Rimowa is bringing the Italian touch to its refined hardshells. Marking its 120th anniversary with a freshly minted visual identity, the collaboration with this prominent streetwear brand is part of Rimowa’s newly rolled out product profile putting the hypebeasts at the edge of their seats.

No white stripes under the spotlight this time, this one-of-a-kind product is a transparent polycarbonate carry-on case with telescopic handles and labelling on the locks. Though based on the RimowaEssential model, the Rimowa x Off-White has no interior lining due to its transparent design, but instead includes the Flex-Divider system for more efficient and modest packaging. Why the unconventional and almost rebellious approach of going transparent? This fashion cult brand is all about creating the covetable from the mundane, and making magic out of the ironic. And the transparent case is a brazen response to today’s obsessive talk of privacy culture of surveillance and anonymity, a move that hones in on the now and the next. That aside, the luggage features Rimowa’s silent multiwheel system for optimum maneuverability and an exclusive transparent amenity kit with an additional set of wheels in Off-White orange. Functionality and fashion are hard to come by, folks.

Not into that flamboyancy? Rimowa’s classics are still here to stay, with an upgraded product line that will cater to contemporary travel’s most essential sizes — the Original Collection, the Essential Collection made up of three lightweight polycarbonate cases, and the Hybrid Collection that combines the resilience of Rimowa’s unique aluminum-magnesium alloy with the supremely lightweight quality of polycarbonate.

We’re not sure about you, but this is a birthday celebration we definitely want to be part of.

Available online and in select Rimowa x Off-White stores from 25 June onwards.

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