First look: PS.Cafe opens at One Fullerton

First look: PS.Cafe opens at One Fullerton

Ninth time's the charm

Text: Janice Sim

A lush, bright space set on the waterfront

Contrary to what the world might think, too much of a good thing can actually be a good thing. Case in point? PS.Cafe's latest outlet at One Fullerton — their ninth (hooray!) — sees a pretty urban enclave strategically positioned in the heart of Singapore's Central Business District.

First impressions? As every PS. establishment radiates of a distinctive ambience (their Palais Renaissance's dimly-lit shophouse setting still sits beautifully in our memory), the expansive space at One Fullerton holds its own through its curvy architecture and wide glassy windows, which lets in a panoramic view of the charming waterfront. You can also choose to dine outdoors on their balcony if you prefer to soak it all in like a true islander. It's almost like you're being transported to Bali for a couple of hours. 

PS.Cafe One Fullerton

But while the fresh space boasts a different vibe, expect the familiar aesthetics of a signature PS.Cafe — think flatlay-friendly marbled tables, plush seating, and statement floral displays. Check, check and check. All the chic makings of a hot spot for millennials, taitais, and white-collars to congregate.

PS.Cafe One Fullerton

And while we absolutely adore the café's menu signatures like the PS. Truffle Shoestring Fries, PS. Burger and their guilt-inducing massive chocolate cake, this new branch welcomes new exclusive offerings, only available here at One Fullerton. If you're craving carbs, dig into their Red Pesto Rigatoni, a hearty pasta option drenched in a perfectly balanced tomato base. Keen to try something different? Order their Baked Greek Spinach Pie, stuffed with ricotta, feta, mint and house pesto — this one comes in a larger serving so be sure to split the calories with your best mates. For a lighter option, tuck into their Poached Chicken Salad, topped with refreshing pomegranate, hazelnuts, and smoked yoghurt.

PS.Cafe One Fullerton

Dessert is a no brainer when you're in the company of PS.Cafe. Their Crème Caramel Orange Cake is a great alternative to anyone who isn't a fan of chocolate. Our all-time favourite? Mrs. J's Trifle Bomb — a satisfying combination of fluffy sponge cake coupled with fresh cream and tropical fruits.

We also heard from a little bird that a 10th outlet is on its way, so keep your eyes peeled. Without a doubt, PS.Cafe proves that it is the gift that keeps on giving. 

#02-03B/04, One Fullerton, Tel: 8812 3198
Opening hours (weekdays): 11am-10.30pm, (weekends): 9.30am-1am

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