Project Açaí opens their largest outlet yet and it's in the East

Project Açaí opens their largest outlet yet and it's in the East

Happy, hearty bowls

Text: Janice Sim

When it comes to a beautiful bowl of açaí, more is always more

Unlike hipster brunch cafes that have been popping up by the week on our shores, we'll all agree that our city needs more açaí bowl pit-stops, especially in this sweltering heat (in our opinion, it's been worse than usual). Whether it be the refreshing chilled blend of açaí berries, or that indulgent crunch you seek in the mix, it's the ultimate bowl to fuel your lunchtime mojo or a cheeky afternoon snack. Thankfully, Project Açaí heard our prayers — and answered them by opening its third and largest outlet, much to the excitement of the east side kids. P.R.A.I.S.E.

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Adding extra hip points to the eclectic neighbourood of Katong (God only knows how cool this place can get), the semi-alfresco space rings in minimalistic wooden furniture and wondrous placements of the occasional shrub. Almost feels like you've wandered into one of the cafes in Japan. 

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The menu stays true to what they do best with their signature flower and nut bowls that are all manually blended in small batches using Sambazon Superfruit packs. What's exclusive to Project Açaí East is the chain's very first hot vegan snack, which features a cheese, tomato and spinach dip, designed to be lapped up with crispy tortilla chips. Fans of the cult favourite Nitro Cold Brew black coffee can now also enjoy their creamy elixir on tap. Otherwise, we would definitely recommend their Vatte (Vegan Latte),  a cold brew spiked with a dash of coconut milk. Next to Chin Mee Chin Confectionery, we've found our new favourite weekend hideout. 

Project Açaí East is located at 217 East Coast Road.