A staycation for our furry friends? Count us in

A staycation for our furry friends? Count us in

Fur kids first

Text: Janice Sim

This time, no one's getting left behind

When it comes to shipping the whole family off on a relaxing holiday or staycation, your pets are usually the ones left behind, much to the chagrin of extended family members. It does seem a little unfair sometimes — after all, isn't Snuffles part of the family?

But that's about to change —  your furry kiddos (as long as they're under 15kg) can now tag along whenever you check into Regent Singapore. The hotel has proven to be more than pet-friendly, with the team specially crafting a pampering stay for your pets (and we're not just talking a dog bed). For starters, your precious pup will be welcomed with a customised PuppyPack that includes a chew toy, dog treats, pet neccessities, a pet bed, a water and food bowl, and even an ultra-soft microfibre towel. Doesn't that sound way more enticing than a welcome fruit basket?

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Owners who feel the need to shower their babies with more love can also indulge in the in-room pet "minibar" basket, which features a curated selection of pet products, ranging from handmade natural bar soaps to hand knit wool headrests. Forget Kibbles, you can also treat them to something more decadent — their pet menu comprises of paw-licking options like The Rin Tin Tin, a succulent sirloin burger with chopped vegetables. And if your pure breed is one with a sensitive stomach, customised meals are also available upon request according to any dietary restrictions. We can already hear those tongues wagging in approval. 

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Bearing in mind that other guests are staying in the hotel, grab a dog-walking map, which marks out specific routes for a considerate walk outside the hotel grounds. If you happen to own a pet that isn't furry or four-legged, don't feel left out as a little birdie informed us that they can take your request on a special case-by-case basis. All you have to do is call and check in with the hotel if your feathered companion can qualify as a paying guest as well. 

To book in for Regent Singapore's pet staycation, call 6725 3088