Your ofo bike experience just got an enticing upgrade

Your ofo bike experience just got an enticing upgrade


Text: Janice Sim

Time to trade in your four wheels for a greener, fuss-free alternative

What is canary yellow and only has two wheels? You must have seen it on our streets — it's been more than a hundred days since Beijing's bike sharing platform ofo swiftly wheeled onto our shores. Our lives have never been the same since. Forget cumbersome bike rentals where you have to rent and return your two-wheeler at a specific shop — in ofo's case, riders can park and return the bikes whenever and wherever, as long as bicycle parking is permitted. Not only is the service an eco-friendly way of transport that rescues you from sardine-packed trains (you'll thank us during awful peak hours), but you'll also get to lose a few calories during your everyday commute.

With every ingenious invention always comes an exciting upgrade — ofo has recently unveiled a new fleet of bikes in the Aura 1.0. These bikes are booted with a smart Google Maps GPS system, where users can find and park their bikes easily. New features also include a rear brake box, an adjustable bicycle stem, and three speed gears (instead of the previous single gear) that allow the rider to go even faster on their journey. A nifty basket and water bottle holder has also been added to the the Aura 1.0, all in the name of thoughtful convenience.

ofo bicycle return experience upgrade

How to kickstart your ofo journey? All you have to do is to download the ofo app on your phone, locate your nearest available bike and proceed to unlock it using a unique code from the app. You'll be on your way in seconds.

Download the ofo app here. 

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