The lowdown on Timepage, Moleskine's new calendar app

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The lowdown on Timepage, Moleskine's new calendar app
Moleskine is bringing their signature style to your smartphone and Apple watch

We're all familiar with Moleskine – carrying a black, well-weathered notebook from the brand has practically become a writer's staple. With the release of their new calendar app Timepage, the Moleskine empire is now expanding to the digital sphere. 

Moleskine's Timepage

The visuals are clean and sleek, featuring a day-by-day view over a monthly calendar layout. More than just a calendar app, Timepage cleverly integrates other services such as weather updates, maps, and contacts in one elegant interface. 

Moleskine's Timepage

With interesting quirks such as a 'This Day in History' feature, which adds a historical fact to empty calendar days, Timepage looks to be a worthy addition to your iPhone or Apple Watch. 

Moleskine Timepage is available from iTunes and is optimised for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus, with a companion app on the Watch 

Text: Varsha Sivaram

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