Mirazur, World's No.1 restaurant comes to Singapore with a three-month takeover at Kin and Clan Cafe

Mirazur, World's No.1 restaurant comes to Singapore with a three-month takeover at Kin and Clan Cafe

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Text: Janice Sim

While there hasn't been a clear indication to when we can fly out for leisure escapades to the far flung and undiscovered, international experiences are heading our way instead. Museum of Ice Cream for one — to debut at Dempsey in August and now, World's No.1 Restaurant, Mirazur is about to land with an imminent residency on our shores. We consider this quite the victory, in the grand scheme of things.

This announcement comes with the official acquisition of Straits Clan by Mandala Group, with a formal name change in place — Mandala Club. It will be a three-month takeover by 3-Michelin restaurant from France, inhibiting the space of Kin and Clan Café in the private-members club.


This coming visit would spark some happy, monumental memories for chef-patron Mauro Colagreco, as it was the place where Mirazur was crowned World No.1 back in 2019 during The World's 50 Best Restaurants Awards. Mirazur's allure and brilliance lies within his personal holistic approach to farming, gardening and eating, as well as agriculture. He personally attends to Mirazur's hillside garden in Menton, France, with a dedicated synergy of phasing his food according to various cycles of the moon, as he believes it would in turn, affect nature and produce.


The restaurant's notable vision in line with the lunar cycle will take precedence, even with the temporal residency. Which means a transformation of the Clan Café, as a lunar garden lobby — think porous textures as an ode to the moon and reflective surfaces to mimick the sea views of Mirazur back in Menton. The main experience happens in Kin, with Colagreco's Argentinean Italian cuisine at the forefront. Four distinct menus, namely Roots, Leaves, Flowers, and Fruits, will each showcase ingredients at their best according to the moon's cycle. With every menu change, the space will also transform alongside — from a flourishing jungle to a flower field, from a magical underground world to a tropical fruit garden bursting with colour.

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It is the ultimate affirmation of our city's reputation as a global hub for gastronomy, and not to mention, an promising indication of what's to come our way next.

Club members of Mandala Club will have priority booking via the member app or the concierge team, from 9 am, Thursday 15th April, with general release opening from noon, Wednesday 21st April. Reservations at this time will be available for the first three menus only (Leaves, Flowers and Roots from 14th May-18th July), with tickets for the fourth and final menu (Fruits from 20th July - 11th August) to be announced over the coming weeks.

Non-members may visit to register their interest and enjoy early bird access from noon, Tuesday, 20th April before the public's general release.