Behold: Maserati's first-ever SUV

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Behold: Maserati's first-ever SUV
Suave and sporty, the Italian luxury carmaker enters the SUV market with its brand new Maserati Levante

There's nothing quite as distinct as the sensual growl of a Maserati engine. For the past hundred years, we've been primed to associate this sleek ride with suave lines and break-neck speeds. So who would have thought that the Italian luxury carmaker would enter the SUV market as well?

Come March, Maserati will unveil its first-ever SUV — dubbed the Maserati Levante — at the Geneva Motor Show. Powered with both petrol and diesel engines, the car is primed to take on both on-road and off-road terrains. The Maserati Levante is set to handle low-grip surfaces with confidence and features sophisticated electronic suspension with controlled damping and air springs. 

maserati levante

An eight-speed automatic transmission has also been specially calibrated for this model while engines take the form of a pair of twin-turbo V6s and a top-spec V8 petrol. 

On the design front, Maserati's distinct Italian character comes through with its three iconic air vents on the front wings and the trapezoidal C-pillar with the "Saetta" logo. Details of the interior have yet to be released, but it looks like we can expect plenty of leather accented with a dash of red. 

The Maserati Levante will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show at 5pm on 1 March 2016. To view the live streaming of the event, click here

Text: Denise Kok

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