Local brand Pin Tea releases an intoxicating series of floral blends

Local brand Pin Tea releases an intoxicating series of floral blends

A Singaporean tea story

Text: Janice Sim

You can't find these uniquely Singaporean tea blends anywhere else in the world

It's a beautiful day in sunny Singapore. Step outside and you'll easily find luscious greenery accompanied by blossoming flora, peppered along the streets in your neighbourhood. It's no wonder we call Singapore "our garden city" — an evergreen nickname which we've proudly assumed for more than 50 years now.

Homegrown tea label Pin Tea pays tribute to our verdant island with its Garden Collection, inspired by local neighbourhoods in Singapore. Keeping to its modus operandi, the brand only uses premium full leaf teas, derived from a working relationship with organic farmers across Asia. This results in leaves that remain pesticide-free.

The latest Garden Collection comprises five unique tea blends: Belle of Bugis, Quayside Chamomile, Gardens by the Bae, Go the Mile and Uniquely Yishun — each encapsulating an exclusive taste and background story behind the concoction.

For instance, Belle of Bugis, procured from hand-picked French roses, puts a cheeky spin on the glory days of Bugis Street in the 1950s where fun, flirty hostesses made a living through wild parties. Or, if it's romance you're after, sip on Gardens by the Bae, an intoxicating medley of osmanthus, chamomile and lavender. You might feel like taking a stroll with your loved one through Singapore's coolest indoor garden after.

The Pin Tea Garden Collection is now available at selected retailers.