New durian inspired treats to look forward to

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New durian inspired treats to look forward to
Durian lovers, rejoice. Goodwood Park Hotel's annual durian fiesta is back for its 33rd edition

It's a thorny issue. Some turn their noses away from it while others dig into its pungent flesh with gusto. Love the durian? Rejoice, for the King of Fruits returns to headline Goodwood Park Hotel's annual Durian Fiesta from 4 March to 17 July. 

This year's durian-inspired lineup sees a spread of 13 treats celebrating the fruit in all its glory. Newfangled creations include bite-sized chocolate-hazelnut tartlets filled with D24 durian pulp — a crunchy and creamy treat perfect for pairing with your favourite cup of coffee; durian kueh lapis, which sees the buttery layered cake harbouring D24 durian mousse; and our personal favourite, the durian caramel cake melding the sweetness of caramel with impossibly rich D24 durian flesh, finished with specks of Hawaiian black sea salt. 

Durian black sea salt caramel cake

For the little ones, mini D24 durian ice cream bars see the fruit's pulp coated in flavours ranging from dark chocolate to white chocolate with rainbow sprinkles — making for cool, colourful licks. 

goodwood park hotel durian fiesta

Craving the hotel's famed durian puffs and D24 durian mousse cake? Thankfully, these old favourites can still be found on the menu.

Available from 4 March to 17 July at Goodwood Park Hotel's Deli. 22 Scotts Road. Tel: 6730 1786

Text: Denise Kok

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