The alternative personality test: Discover what your fingerprints say about you

The alternative personality test: Discover what your fingerprints say about you

Marked for life

Text: Denise Kok

Forget palmistry or face reading. Your fingerprints are the windows to your soul.

Just how well do you know yourself? Going by the sea of personality quizzes out there, it seems like the depths of self-awareness can never be well and truly plumbed. From palmistry to face-reading, human have charted ways to read one's personality and fortunes by studying the human anatomy.  

Recently, we were introduced to the world of dermatoglyphics, a scientific study of fingerprints coined by Dr. Harold Cummins, a man who devoted a good part of his research efforts to fingerprint analysis. In dermatoglyphics, different regions of the brain are reflected by the 10 fingerprints we each possess. Essentially, your fingerprints reflect the DNA you were born with. While fingerprints will enlarge as we grow older, the patterns defining your fingerprints will never change. 

godiva personality test

Harnessing the intelligence of dermatoglyphics, Belgium chocolatier Godiva has worked with MiQi, a company specialising in fingerprint profiling, to roll out an interactive stand to make sense of who you really are.

We visited the stand sited within Godiva's boutique at Suntec City Mall to put the machine to the test. This machine in particular is calibrated to read one's left thumb, which is believed to reflect your interpersonal abilities as well as how you are perceived by others. After scanning the left thumb, you'll find yourself matched with one of seven animals, each of which reflect a distinct personality type. My results painted me as a lion, a natural leader focused on bringing in results while protecting her team if threats loom on the horizon. On the flip side, a lion doesn't tolerate inefficiency either, and will not follow the lead of others unless they are a proven authority in their field. I found this reading to be startlingly accurate, even if it reflected only one aspect of my personality.  

godiva personality test

Keen to find out which animal archetype you are? From now until 28 February 2017, drop by Godiva's boutiques at Raffles City Shopping Centre or Suntec City Mall, purchase any product at the store, and you'll have a go at this unusual personality test.