Think you've got what it takes to be the next Anthony Bourdain?

Culinary stardom awaits

Think you've got what it takes to be the next Anthony Bourdain?
You might be just the person MediaCorp is looking for

Some say Anthony Bourdain has the best job in the world. The man has shared a ribeye with Bill Murray, worked in the kitchen of El Bulli, and went duck hunting with celebrated chef Daniel Boulud — all in the name of work. Bourdain's one of the most iconic culinary personalities of our time and has inspired armchair globetrotters the world over to quit their day jobs and pursue their passion.

The road to culinary stardom is never easy. As with Rome, Bourdain's empire of reels wasn't built in a day. Thankfully, MediaCorp's newly launched Eat List Star programme serves as a platform to help aspiring culinary talents launch their career in both traditional and new media. If you can cook, host, and charm everyone while you're at it, you might just have a shot at winning a long-term contract with the big boys at MediaCorp.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Guillaume Sachet, Head, Foodies Segment, MediaCorp said: "We are on the hunt for a new generation of hip and savvy chefs and media talent who can captivate the hearts and appetites of increasingly discerning audiences across our various media platforms." 

Eat List Star will see award-winning chefs and celebrities such as Ryan Clift, Simone Heng, and Uttsada Panichkul (Utt) on the judging panel of the competition. They will put participants through a series of challenges centred on Asian cuisine to determine if they truly have what it takes to be the next culinary star. 

Keen to take part in the competition? Submit your entry from now till 11 December 2015. For more details, click here

Text: Denise Kok

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