Deliveroo Singapore's new grocery delivery service: Shop from Marks & Spencer, Blu Kouzina Mart, The Providore, and more

Deliveroo Singapore's new grocery delivery service: Shop from Marks & Spencer, Blu Kouzina Mart, The Providore, and more

Convenient for ‘roo

Text: Cheryl Lai-Lim

Image: Deliveroo

Say goodbye to the days of jostling and squeezing against the crowd whilst doing your weekly grocery shopping. With the launch of Deliveroo Singapore's new grocery delivery service, grocery shopping just got a whole lot more convenient (and pleasant). Simply swipe through the Delivery platform, choose your commodities, and your groceries will be delivered to your doorstep. With over a fleet of 7,000 Deliveroo riders in Singapore, your essentials could be delivered to you in just as little as 30 minutes, making the experience both snappy and convenient.

"As Singaporeans continue to work from home, Deliveroo's new on-demand grocery delivery service will make convenience even more convenient for busy Singaporeans, giving people access to the food they want and need within a few clicks," says Sarah Tan, General Manager of Deliveroo Singapore. "Whether it's household items from some of Singapore's most loved grocery brands, or dine-in dishes from local restaurant favourites, Deliveroo continues to raise a smile amongst our customers who now more than ever look for amazing food to be delivered directly to their doors."

Deliveroo has partnered with British retailer Marks & Spencer to pilot their new grocery delivery service. Offering over 800 grocery products ranging from top selling wines, biscuits, baked goods, fruits and vegetables, ready meals and cupboard essentials, you'll be able to find your favourite Marks & Spencer goods via the platform. You can also shop with a peace of mind knowing that the Marks & Spencer food items are priced at the same price as those in store, and thus you won't have to pay extra. Delivery fees are fixed at a rate of $5.49, while Deliveroo Plus subscribers can enjoy free delivery.

Besides Marks & Spencer, Deliveroo will also be partnering with popular speciality grocery stores around the island. This line-up includes an exclusive partnership with speciality grocer Blu Kouzina Mart, which will offer Mediterranean favourites like breads, dips and fresh produce. There's also Deli specialist The Providore, for those looking for sweet treats and premium grocery items like La Maison de la Truffe Truffle Brie and Fior di Cotto cheeses, Pat and Stick's vegan ice cream sandwiches, plus a variety of premium wines. Ryan's Grocery, a boutique grocer and butcher, as well as Kuriya Japanese Market, premium fish, seafood and sushi supplier, concludes the stellar round-up.

If you're looking for a selection of tipples, you can order alcoholic beverages on-demand from Asia Pacific Breweries, Singapore's only brewery producing beer favourites such as Tiger, Heineken, Guinness, and more. And, if you're ever in a bind and need some emergency grocery saves, you can order snacks, ready-to-eat meals drinks, party supplies, healthcare and household products through Deliveroo's current partnership with Shell Select.

Deliveroo Singapore's on-demand grocery delivery service is available island-wide starting today. In celebration of the launch, the first 3,000 customers to shop on Marks & Spencer on the Deliveroo platform will be able to enjoy $5 off when they spend $40 on each of their first two orders with a unique promo code. Blu Kouzina Mart and The Providore are both available on-demand on the Deliveroo platform now, while Ryan's Grocery will launch their grocery offering by mid-October. Kuriya Japanese Market and Asia Pacifc Breweries will both launch by end-October.