COVID-19 spike in India: How can Singaporeans help those in need

COVID-19 spike in India: How can Singaporeans help those in need

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Text: Brandon Alexius Chia

Editor: Janice Sim

Image: Unsplashed

As far as our current reality in Singapore goes, our only inconvenience only boils down to waiting in line for our vaccine shot. But unfortunately, there's currently utter devastation in India. In a span of a month, India's number of COVID-19 cases rose from a weekly average of about 65,000 on 1 April to approximately 370,000 on 1 May. This sudden surge of infections has crippled the nation's medical infrastructure worse than ever before since the start of the pandemic.

Back in late April, hospitals in India started running dangerously low on oxygen concentrators, cylinders, and ventilators — all of which, essential resources for many patients who need a constant supply of oxygen to survive. Due to the shortage, many healthcare facilities shut their doors from new patients who also contracted COVID-19, thus causing many to perish without receiving treatment.

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Residents in several states were placed on a lockdown to stop the spread of the virus but this meant that many people would not be able to go to work or school for the time being.

While government bodies from Singapore, Canada, Germany and more are doing their best to provide healthcare aid and relief, there's more that still can be done. To see themselves out of this devastating crisis, India and her people could use more support as they continue to combat the virus.

And while we might be physically far away, there are many things we Singaporeans can do from here, with the right organisations in place. Here's how we can help those affected in India.

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Singapore Red Cross

Funds raised through this campaign will be directed towards purchasing and delivering medical supplies to community hospitals in India. The Singapore Red Cross has already delivered five ventilators to facilities in New Delhi. Furthermore, there is a separate fund dedicated to providing hygiene kits and essentials for the migrant workers in Singapore.

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Singapore

Aside from raising money to procure concentrators and cylinders, Mission India by TiE Singapore will be using donations to set up medical oxygen plants with a few hospitals to create a sustainable supply of oxygen for patients. TiE also hopes to aid hospitals by providing additional infrastructure resources.

Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Little India Shopkeepers and Heritage Association

These two organisations have partnered up to gather donations and oxygen supplies locally and will channel all proceeds towards the Singapore Red Cross for distribution. The pair will also be working with government agencies to ensure that the most vulnerable in India will receive relief through this fund.

Feeding From Far

With many states being terribly affected and experiencing lockdowns, people are struggling to feed themselves and their families because they are unable to earn money from work. Feeding From Far distributes food ration kits that can last at least a week for a family of five by using donations.

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Association for India's Development

This American charity also raises funds to provide food to communities in India and has partnered up with 30 other organisations in 18 states to hand out personal protective equipment to residents and migrant workers.

Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation (KSCF)

New lockdowns are not only causing the economic sector to buckle but schools have also been forced to close due to the record number of cases. This greatly affects children living in the rural areas of India as they do not have access to online facilities to study. This foundation focuses on providing smart devices so that the kids can resume their education while staying safe at home.