COVID-19 self-quarantine: Things to do in Singapore if travelling is no longer an option

COVID-19 self-quarantine: Things to do in Singapore if travelling is no longer an option

On the bright side

Text: Janice Sim

To put it nicely, COVID-19 is looking a lot like that estranged relative visiting from abroad that you later find out, has no plans to leave your home. Indeed, it's safe to say that Singapore (along with the rest of the world) are still reeling from the pandemic that has unfortunately kickstarted a new decade. A few months in and our city has already gone through a multitude of emotions and phases, involving shock, fear, supply hoarding, assurance, and right now — probably in limbo. At least with the situation efficiently contained and tracked on our shores, things are looking up (for now). But when it comes to hopping on a plane, more country-specific bans are in place and paranoia might seize you onboard, despite a couple of airlines implementing a flexible clause when booking flights. With uncertainty looming, that could mean putting an indefinite pause on the grand travel escapades we had planned for the year. And as what the boomers might say, staying in town would be the wiser thing to do.

COvic 19

Cabin fever? Yes we feel it too. But there's a way of making do of what we have here — a few ways if you'll have it. Home-quarantine or self-quarantine, here are our two cents:

1. Host a games night

What's best about hosting a games night is that you're safe at home and privy to the guestlist — which can be an intimate number. Plus, a marathon of stimulating board games (Reccos: Secret Hitler, The Singaporean Dream, Monopoly  For Millennials, Codenames) coupled with delicious takeout always sounds like a good night in.

2. Plan a staycation

The sliver lining to travel bans: Hotel rates in Singapore have never been lower. Also, they're running on low occupancy — which means your holiday away from home could be free from crowds in common areas. If you can't travel, you can always pretend that you're bunking in another city...

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3. Work out from home

Citing germs is a lousy excuse. On top of keeping your immunity on high, get those muscles engaged because the last thing you want to be is sluggish in the midst of a pandemic. Most gyms are taking health precautions with mandatory temperature checks, disinfecting of their equipment and spaces, so you have nothing to worry about. If you're that paranoid, try out this workout from home.

4. Spend some time on self-care

Since we're spending more time at home than we usually do (with work-from-home arrangements on a steady rise), you can afford to take a relaxing bath — not a shower — but a long soak in the tub in the company of bath salts and bath bombs. Followed by a scalp cleanse, foot mask, and the luxury of moisturising your entire body.

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5. Make use of your SkillsFuture

This year doesn't seem to be going anywhere for anybody, but that doesn't mean that we should also be at a standstill. With holidays on hold, take time off from work to learn something new that's entirely different from your current field. Someone's gotta use those SkillsFuture credits...

6. Buy something you've been holding off on

That huge chunk of travel budget isn't going to be activated anytime soon, so... splurge on an investment piece that has been sitting in your shopping cart and boost our country's economy while you're at it.

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