COVID-19 lessons in 2020: Donald Trump's presidency, fake news, unsolicited stay-home videos, and more

COVID-19 lessons in 2020: Donald Trump's presidency, fake news, unsolicited stay-home videos, and more

Pandemic reflections

Text: Janice Sim

April has just commenced and it already feels like the world gone through an entire era of doom and gloom. Of incessant numbers that are splayed out in fatalities and dollar bills lost — to a mysterious virus, now dubbed a global pandemic. No one is having it easy, but some are having it worse than others — so much so it's hard to see light at the end of this petrifying tunnel. And if the slew of COVID-19 reports are adding fuel to the fire on the back burn that it's causing you fear and anxiety, perhaps the next best thing is to retrocede to one of my default coping mechanisms. By retreating to things far worse than the current circumstances. Sure, it might not the be healthiest way to deal with the situation at hand, but after this list you might be able to strike up the C-Word in your next conversation without feeling all quaked up inside. If it did however, backfire, and made you feel worse, I do apologise in advance. Perhaps try meditation?

Donald Trump

We thought we've seen the worst of Trump's presidency, but not till COVID-19 happened. From statements like "If the economic shutdown continues, deaths by suicide "definitely would be in far greater numbers than the numbers that we're talking about" for COVID-19 deaths" to recommending a supposed cure that led to the death of an American citizen, the man is spiraling in the worst time possible. With repeated stances of downplay and negligence of lives in the country he has besiged, you can catch the unravelling on a daily basis from the news — there's at least one quote-worthy line in there somewhere in his address. It's time to pray earnestly for Murrica, that's all.

Donald Trump

Fake news

The thing is, fake news isn't just annoying. Sometimes, it ensues panic, fear, and unwarranted reactions from people who are gullible enough not to check the sources. For anything COVID-19 related, WHO is a trusty source to rely on. Yes, we might be laughing at boomers who are the obvious offenders, but that doesn't mean the rest of us don't fall prey to it as well. Whether it's a harmless rumour of your country potentially going into lockdown or a possible preventive measure of eating a hard-boiled egg just so you're immune to the virus, I urge you — don't pass it on.

Safe distancing

Check out all the fake news refuted by Singapore's government here.

Unsolicited stay-home videos

Suddenly everyone's a influencer. No one is counting how many days you've been in quarrantine, but now we all know — thanks to your daily (at times, live) updates whether it's in front of a yoga mat or copious glasses of wine. Who knew social media would still be relevant even when you're on a strict SHN? It's the stay-home content we clearly didn't ask for.

Quarantine paris hilton

The F&B business death rate

A tragic case of the survival of the fittest. No one clearly knows when this pandemic would end — to which experts predict could last for more than a year. Food wise, our city has come a long way with its eclectic mix of restaurants, eateries, and a longstanding hawker culture that we've already been strugging to protect. With most businesses on a rapid decline, the ones who might see the end of this could only be the major F&B chains. The ones that might sadly perish from the effects of COVID-19 might end up being independent, small businesses. Potentially, one of your favourite haunts.

Save F&B

To support our local businesses via Chope, click here.

The travel-starved

The gates are closed. Feverish dreams of visiting a new exotic city are dashed. In short, we don't know when our ears will ever have air pressure again. But once this is over and the gates are opened, it's hard to imagine how air fares and hotel rates will surge (more than ever) and how the whole world will be gearing up to make up for all the lost travel time all at once. Overtourism will certainly be at its peak, coupled with pent-up travel aggression; that thought alone gives me the chills.

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