The Common Man folk are hosting an insightful coffee fiesta and we're all invited


The Common Man folk are hosting an insightful coffee fiesta and we're all invited
Where the coffee snobs at?

An open announcement to the coffee cognoscenti, aspiring entrepreneurs looking to set up their own café, and long-standing fans of Common Man Coffee Roasters: the veteran coffee peeps have a week-long special titled #GreatCoffeeinCommon lined up for all of us.

Some might call this an exhibition, but we prefer taking this on as a grand opportunity. #GreatCoffeeinCommon has been an ongoing digital initiative for the good folk of Common Man where like-minded individuals share their love and passion — from fruit to cup, as well as other valuable tips for people in the coffee community. And now it is coming to life in an exciting pop-up. 

Common Man Coffee Roasters pop-up

Here's where guests can see, smell, hear and feel everything that's essential in a prized cup of coffee. Not only will there be delicious brews to taste (thanks to a filter bar helmed by other local coffee roasters), home brewers can also learn a thing or two through displays showcasing Marco brewing and boiler technology. Insightful workshops and discussions will be held — discussing topics such as sensory skills and basic knowledge, how to set up your own cafe, and the fundamentals of coffee roasting for existing baristas looking to take things up a notch in their career. A notable highlight? Synesso's newest Espresso Machine — the S200 will also be making its debut in Singapore at the pop-up. An exciting first look indeed. 

Common Man Coffee Roasters pop-up

The #GreatCoffeeinCommon event is free for all. Whether or not you're a cafe owner, barista, or just a common man (see what we did there?) who's blindly in love with coffee, here lies a safe place to learn, grow and collaborate in the bustling coffee industry on our shores. Passionate individuals coming together for the common good of specialty coffee — now that's what we call a good cause. 

161 Lavender Street, #01-12
#GreatCoffeeinCommon will be held from 23rd April to 27 April, 10am-8pm.

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