Common Man Coffee Roasters launches CMCR Barista Training Academy at Chin Swee Road

Common Man Coffee Roasters launches CMCR Barista Training Academy at Chin Swee Road

For the love of coffee

Text: Allison Kim

So you love your daily cuppa. Especially at your favourite café where the barista fondly knows you by name and coffee order. To expand on this sentiment, there's now an actual place to dwell — kudos to the good fellows behind Common Man Coffee Roasters. They proudly present CMCR Barista Academy, a full-fledged space at Chin Swee Road dedicated to coffee courses for both public consumers and aspiring industry players.


This is the brand's first standalone academy with a curriculum developed alongside the Australian Barista Academy. Set within an industrial edifice, the expansive stomping ground is curated with a comfortable seating area as well as a training room at the back for classes to take place.

A range of courses are available here, namely the fundamentals for most beginners and new baristas, a class for manual brewing, latte art techniques, and lastly, an advanced sensory skills and coffee knowledge class that involve cupping tastings and a well-rounded olfactory sensorial experience.


But beyond all that, what you learn here is grounded on a real-world understanding on the ins and outs of a café. That means vital industry knowledge on proper dosing, reading and studying colour changes in extraction, milk splitting and pouring techniques. Perfect if you're looking to set up your own, or if not, it's a safe space to bask in plain-ol coffee nerdery.

52 Chin Swee Road #03-71
The Academy runs workshops and classes daily from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm. For more information, click here.

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