What happened at our inaugural Buro 24/7 Global Conference

What happened at our inaugural Buro 24/7 Global Conference

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Text: Norman Tan

Inside the Buro 24/7 Global Conference with Miroslava Duma

It's been a week of firsts...

First year anniversary of Buro 24/7 Singapore.
First Buro 24/7 Digital Awards celebrating local influencers and start-ups.
And, first Buro 24/7 Global Conference with editors from across the Buro 24/7 network.

Chaired by founder, Miroslava Duma, the aim of the Buro Global Conference was to enable the Buro 24/7 offices to connect face-to-face, share invaluable insight on each country's key learnings and best case studies, seek out ways to leverage off each region's unique strengths, and to strategise for a stronger future — and, as always, with innovation at the heart of all discussions.

Held over two full-days at the Grand Hyatt in Singapore, the conference started with each of the 11 Buro 24/7 offices presenting their key projects — as well as greatest challenges — for the past year, before breaking into groups to workshop new ideas and plans for the network. Also, Buro 24/7 Russia (that is, headquarters) shared some exciting new plans. What exciting new plans, you ask? Well, all we can say is: Get ready for a digital face-lift, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for more Buro 24/7 offices in both the East and West. The best is yet to come.

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Special thanks to the Grand Hyatt Singapore for hosting the international editors and the Buro 24/7 Global Conference.