#BlackLivesMatter: Donations, petitions, and other ways Singaporeans can help

#BlackLivesMatter: Donations, petitions, and other ways Singaporeans can help


Text: Anna Aye

Editor: Janice Sim

The ongoing protests worldwide, that calls for justice and change in line with #BlackLivesMatter, might have been triggered by the death of 46 year-old George Floyd in a case of police brutality in Minneapolis, United States, but the growing movement stems from centuries of extreme oppression inflicted upon black people around the world.

It calls for change — extreme innate change — even if we're not citizens living in the United States. Structural racism is not a problem that is exclusive to the U.S. And it's time we come to terms with it by reflecting on ourselves and our privilege. Our current circumstances have given us the tools and resources to educate ourselves as well as to spread awareness on this important issue. Here's how Singaporeans can step up and be a part of the change.

Be anti-racist

Staying neutral or being a non-racist isn't enough. It is time to actively defend and condemn any traces of it in your circle and marketplace. For instance, there's no such thing as a harmless racial slur. In fact, taking this action out of Singapore is the most basic step towards a safe space for minorities.

Be brave to correct your friends and family

Silence isn't what the world needs right now. It is time to start uncomfortable conversations with your family members and friends who hold racist or innate racist views. Educate them, send them links or videos to help them understand. The same goes for ourselves, it is important to unlearn taught behaviours to allow ourselves to become more informed, sensitive people.

Use your platforms wisely

Yesterday, a sub-initiative #BlackoutTuesday ignited a series of black squares on Instagram, with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. Despite the meaningful intention behind this, these posts actually clog up critical channels of information on social media regarding the protests, and block avenues for spreading awareness. If you would like to take part in this with a black square, please remove the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. Alternatively, share posts with information that supports the movement regarding further steps and ways to help out.

Donate and sign petitions

Your most tangible form of support comes in assisting those who lost their lives to police brutality, or people who are continuing to suffer extreme violence and discrimination under oppressive institutions. Click here to access a list of donation links, as well as petitions to sign.