Best of Buro: Downtown Design 2017, Malaysia's first cocktail truck, and more

Best of Buro: Downtown Design 2017, Malaysia's first cocktail truck, and more


Text: Amelia Chia

What we loved this week: Our very own card game, Double Tap, the series of exhibitions at Downtown Design, and the beauty of skincare customisation

1. Buro 24/7 Malaysia: KL, you win for thinking out of the box. What's next after food and coffee trucks? Cocktail trucks, of course. Malaysia's first ever cocktail truck, KL Scenarium, boasts a decent bespoke menu of cocktails ranging from classics, such as Margaritas and Mojitos, to novelty concoctions such as Tealantro (their alcoholic version of teh o ais limau) and Bad Santa (a Christmas limited edition flavour). 

kl scenarium, cocktail bar

2. Buro 24/7 Australia: Beauty customisation is having a heyday. Acne prone, but dry? Dull, but oily T-zone? Here's where Hop & Cotton comes to the rescue with powerful and easy-to-use products that have been expertly formulated to address unique skin concerns. You'll also get to choose your preferred formula too — from foamy or gel-based cleansers, to anti-ageing or brightening moisturisers, the Hop & Cotton range is so tightly edited it would make Marie Kondo proud.  

hop and cotton, skincare, Australia

3. Buro 24/7 Middle East: Another season of Downtown Design has begun. The region's emerging platform for design celebrates its fifth year — highlighting a series of exhibitions focusing on accessories, furniture, kitchens, lighting, textiles, and new technologies. Expect to see a coveted collection of brands from over 150 regional and international designers, including Georg Jensen, Fendi Casa, and Baccarat. 

baccarat, downtown design

4. Buro 24/7 Singapore: Danse Lente is undoubtedly the bag of the moment. Designer Youngwon Kim's eye for geometrics — a key leitmotif of the brand's unusually shaped, structural bags — might've surfaced only in fall/winter 2017, but her ace in hand, the Johnny top handle, has received more eyeballs than any new designer could hope for. At fashion week, it was spotted perched on the arms of Net-a-Porter's Lisa Aiken, Mytheresa's Tiffany Hsu, and fashion journalist Pandora Skyes. 

danse lente, fashion week

5. Buro 24/7 Singapore: Buro finally gets its very own card game in the form of Double Tap, a partnership with local card game creator, Smol Tok. Why you need to get a set? It encourages you to put down your phones and actually have a face-to-face conversation on topics that relate to every digital millennial — like, what would you rather give up: Internet or sex? We're sure you're dying to know what your friends think.

double tap

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