Pinot meow: Wine for your cat

Pinot meow: Wine for your cat

Time for some mosCATo

Text: Denise Kok

Image: Instagram | @smoothiethecat

Elevating that bowl of kibble, one drop at a time

There's no shame in drinking alone, but if we could clink glasses with our feline friends, we would — especially if they are some of the cutest furballs in the Insta-verse. Here's where we raise a toast to Brandon Zavala, founder of Apollo Peak — a brand to bookmark if you're planning to buy some wine for your kitty.

Before you get your cat lady/man knickers in a twist, here's one thing to note: The wine in question is neither from the old or new world. It's technically not even wine. Alcohol is toxic to cats and no kitty in their right mind would lap it up. The Pinot Meow and MosCATo sold by Apollo Peak contains something even more addictive — catnip. Think a blend of water and catnip naturally coloured with beets to resemble a bottle of wine. MosCATo is tinged with golden beets while Pinot Meow gets its red hue from beetroot. Needless to say, all elements of this fine pour is organic. Not convinced? Time to taste test this with your kitty.

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For more information, visit Apollo Peak