Adidas Alphaskin is an all-new activewear line designed for better performance

Adidas Alphaskin is an all-new activewear line designed for better performance

Second skin

Text: Janice Sim

Step up your game in the gym with a little help from these workout clothes

While we're gasping for air during an intense HIIT session (also known as the torture chamber), the last thing we want is to feel the weight of the sticky, heavy fabric clinging onto our skin. 

Fortunately with Adidas' latest activewear, all that is cleverly obliterated. The sports giant has recently upgraded its performance threads with a revolutionary base layer technology, Adidas Alphaskin.

Adidas Alphaskin Karlie Kloss

Unlike traditional bases, every part of Alphaskin has been intricately constructed to sync with the body's movements while it's hard at work. The by-product was only made possible with Adidas' highly advanced ARAMIS (Digital Image Correlation Software) instead of a static mannequin, so that the designers were able to understand how to make both the activewear and the wearer's body move as one.

Fans of the line include local athlete Michelle Sng, High Jump Gold Medalist of the 2017 SEA Games as well as supermodel Karlie Kloss, who says, "Alphaskin tells my body it's time to train."

Adidas Alphaskin

Its sole purpose is to enable and enhance the wearer's performance while you train. No unwanted friction, no discomfort — more like a layer of second skin. Choose from three designs ranging in various compression levels — the Alphaskin 360, Alphaskin Tech and Alphaskin Sport, so as to cater to the varying needs of wearers out there.

Hoping to unlock your fitness achievements anytime soon? This smart piece of fabric could be just what you need.

Now available online and at all Adidas Performance and Sport stores.