6 cool things to look out for in the new Funan: an Urban Farm, VR pods at Golden Village, and Wild Rice's first theatre

6 cool things to look out for in the new Funan: an Urban Farm, VR pods at Golden Village, and Wild Rice's first theatre

Shopping galore

Text: Marielle Solano

Image: CapitaLand

Our Civic District has always been an area full of pioneering novelties in Singapore's consumerscape. But recognising, in true capitalist fashion that we have unlimited wants, who's to stop producers from providing? Mention Funan and the name would typically incite flashbacks of an abandoned hub where IT products can be scored at a sketchy deal. That is, until the mall closed and went through a massive makeover. For years we've walked past the demolished remains of the old Funan Mall, giving it but a cursory glance while we look to its neighbours to satiate our impulses and desires. Alas, the day has arrived when Funan will no longer be an overlooked, under-construction site to pointedly ignore – from novel food concepts (of which we could never get enough) to more cinema outlets (but better versions), we hear that the new Funan mall is more impressive than ever before. With its opening slated for 28 June, here are six of the coolest features to know about this shopping mall that'll hopefully tide us over until we get to see it for ourselves.

1. A Dyson standalone store

We love all the inventions that consumer tech giant Dyson has come up with for our using pleasure, but it's their beauty products that really hit the mark for us. That's why a beauty-only concept store dedicated to their iconic Supersonic hair dryers and their visionary Airwrap styler (that doesn't use extreme heat to give you luscious curls!) sounds like a hair buff's heaven to us.

2. Another Golden Village – but with VR pods?

The beloved movie theatre adds another prime location to its repertoire of cinemas in Singapore, but hearsay has told us the upcoming branch Funan is going to be even more special. In one of seven screens in the multiplex, movie lovers will get to enjoy two new seating concepts, Deluxe Plus and Gold Class Express, which both sound as luxurious as we have come to expect from a classic GV experience. Surprisingly, though, it's the foyer of GV Funan that we're most excited to witness; Virtual Reality pods are said to litter their front yard, making it possible for us to have entertaining waiting time (which we didn't know was possible) with the games and cinematic content these pods will offer.

3. Wild Rice theatre group has a new theatre and studio

Wild Rice's theatre and studio, inspired by Royal Shakespeare Company’s Swan Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon

A great revolutionary in the local performing arts scene, Wild Rice will call Funan home to its first theatre complex including studios and offices, where their storytelling will continue in a space they can now call their own. The main performance arena seats 358 theatre lovers who can be immersed in a hall inspired by the Royal Shakespeare Company's Swan Theatre.


4. Get physical at the TFX fitness centreTrue Group's TFX fitness centre in Funan

Shopping isn't the only workout to be found in the new forward-looking Funan. TFX, from Singapore's True Group, will open its flagship establishment featuring a swimming pool, an outdoor deck, and their signature vanguard training systems and equipment for members to access. Among other techniques and routines, their science-based programming curates workouts for people with all sorts of fitness goals – so no more putting yours on hold.

5. Singapore born-and-bred PPP Coffee

If there's one thing that might make or break the success of a mall, it's what coffee places lie within its borders. Lucky for Funan, their future looks prosperous – Papa Palheta, most known for the industrial-chic gourmet café Chye Seng Huat Hardware, will be founding an employee-owned PPP Coffee at Funan, which happens to be first venture of its kind in Singapore. With the success of their previous coffee roasts, we're highly anticipatory of the brews this new joint will offer.

6. Eat right out of the Urban Farm on Level 7

Edible Garden City's Urban Farm, next to Spa Esprit's Noka

The farm-to-table concept is taken to the literal in this progressive mall, with operators from Edible Garden City enabling farmers to grow pesticide-free produce that form a part of in-house restaurants' sources of ingredients. Plus, right next to the Urban Farm is Spa Esprit's rooftop restaurant Noka – yet another first that will appear in Funan, we can expect Japanese cuisine where meals are always a culmination of both the farmers' and chefs' efforts.

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