2019 Grammy Awards: All the food and drinks served at the show and the after-party

2019 Grammy Awards: All the food and drinks served at the show and the after-party

Fit for the stars

Text: Corinne Cheah

The grandeur of the Grammys has bestowed upon us once again. The 61st Grammy Awards celebration saw the commemoration of music with some of the biggest names in the industry. And while most of the attention went to Cardi B stealing the show on the red carpet and the reveal of a 2014 Grammy plague held in joint custody between John Mayer and Alicia Keys, we paid attention to an unsung winner of the night: the food and drinks department. And boy was it a stellar line-up fit for the winners and stars.

Here's what your favourite musicians tucked into during the show and the afterparty.

What the stars ate at the show on Sunday...

Beef jerky 

No, we are not talking about your run-of-the-mill kind but one given an artisanal and fancy twist. Imagine having your typical salty beef jerky spiked with a refreshing touch of lemongrass and ginger.Jerky

Macaroni and cheese 

The all-American classic definitely went the extra mile for this occasion. We are talking about the addition of lobster and American favorite, bacon. The result? Familiar hearty comfort food but bearing more complex and richer flavors.Mac & Cheese

Porterhouse steak

You know you're at a serious social event when they bring out the big guns  or in this case huge slabs of meat. A 72-ounce portersteak house and a thousand-pound sous vide short ribs made their appearance on that very night.Steak

Customized tart 

To end things on a sweet note, Los Angeles patisserie Artelice gave everyone some chocolate treatment with their tarts. Picture a decadent chocolate ganache from Peru with a salted caramel center, topped with chocolate glaze and a finishing touch of candied apricot — all encased in a handmade chocolate shell. 

Grammy ice cubes 

It's all about personalization this year at the Grammys. Case in point: ice cubes with gramophones emblemed on them. 

What the stars ate at the official afterparty... 

Small plates

Bring on the tantalising spread. There was grilled eggplant with roasted garlic, baguettes that were served with rosemary and sun-dried tomato tapenade and a mix of potato gnocchi, ricotta and Salvini black truffle. 


Desserts were in abundance with offerings such as gelato, cake pops, French macaroons, ricotta cheesecake and more. That's what we'd call a sweet finish. Macaroons


We saved the best for last. The stars quenched their thirst with a cocktail menu provided by Absolut, which featured the Swedish Paloma — also known as the signature Grammys week cocktail. 


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