Volkswagen Golf TSI: The perfect hatchback to go the distance

Volkswagen Golf TSI: The perfect hatchback to go the distance

No frills

Text: Janice Sim

The fam-favourite gets a facelift

If you value functionality over extravagance when it comes to cars, the Volkswagen Golf TSI should already be on your radar. After all, the Golf model has held a long-standing stature as a beloved icon from the German automaker. We can certainly see why.

There's something effortless and unpretentious about the Golf TSI — whether it be its iconic pocket build that makes it easy to zip between lanes or how long it actually takes for your next petrol station visit (read: fuel efficiency at its best).

Volkswagen Golf TSI

Last year, the Golf series unveiled a highly anticipated facelift — zooming in on a 1.0-litre turbocharged engine for the TSI. Replacing the now-defunct 1.2 litre engine used to power the car before, this current engine bags a smaller capacity while enhancing fuel efficiency. It also prides itself on producing better acceleration with a powerful force — this zippy car hits 100km/h in the span of 9.9 seconds. As the car comes to a full stop at a red light, you'll also experience its stop-start feature and a regenerative braking mode that puts the steering wheel on lockdown, before eventually resuscitating it with a gentle step on the accelerator. 

Volkswagen Golf TSI

Body wise, new front and rear bumpers have been added, as well as LED daytime running lights — so you won't ever have to worry about fiddling around with your headlights come day or night. Inside, its all-new infotainment system sports a 9.2 inch touchscreen, and modern-day mandatory Bluetooth pairing. How else can we blast our tunes from Spotify?

Strip the superfluous attributes off a luxury coupé, and what you essentially have is a sturdy Golf TSI. For the Brady Bunch, it's an instant keeper. 

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