The Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet brings retro style to topless motoring

The Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet brings retro style to topless motoring

Top down, heads up

Text: Amelia Chia

The convertible version of the iconic Beetle combines advanced technology with timeless tradition

It's the convertible version of the iconic Beetle, but it couldn't feel more different. While the modern Beetle is a sporty coupe coupled with self-assured style and dynamism, the new Beetle Cabriolet is the fun, let-your-hair-down counterpart that belongs in Palm Springs. Cue: the groovy California Dreamin' by The Mamas & The Papas as you roll down magnificent desertscapes.

Volkswagen has retained the clean lines and distinctive charisma of the coupe, but that's where the similarities in exterior design end. The weather-proof soft top roof adds a softer edge to the vehicle, and when the roof is down (in 9.5 seconds, while the car is stationary or at a speed lower than 50km/h), it becomes stylishly retro. With a length of 4,278mm, the Beetle Cabriolet is 152m longer than the coupe and 84mm wider.

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Compared to the Mini, the ragtop wins hands-down in interior space. Climb inside and there's ample space to stretch out your legs in the backseat. Both front and backseat riders enjoy generous headroom even with the roof closed —believe us, our backseat rider stands at 1.80m and was more than comfortable. The slim dash, steering wheel, instrument cluster, glove compartment and enamel-finished surface are surprisingly reminiscent of the first air-cooled Beetle.

Ready to sync Spotify to your Beetle Cab's infotainment system? The VW system is the sexy brainchild born out of a collaboration with Fender, the legendary manufacturer of electric guitars and amplifiers renowned for their ability to deliver sweet, crisp tones. The heart of the Fender sound system is a 10-channel amplifier with 400 watts of output power, complete with a juicy subwoofer that will entice you to crank up those tunes.

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It's hard not to like Beetle's latest convertible, especially when it comes fitted with a turbo-charged 1.2 litre four-cylinder engine which delivers maximum power with low fuel consumption and emission values. We're talking accelerating from 0-100km/h in a respectful 11.7 seconds. Ideal for road trips with your partner or the girls, it's a smooth, uncomplicated drive that even new drivers can manoeuvre with ease.

What's more, if you're all loved up and wedding bells are on the horizon, Volkswagen even has a programme for wedding car rentals. We can't think of anything more befitting for summer nuptials on this tropical island.