The new BMW 7 series takes luxe to the next level

The new BMW 7 series takes luxe to the next level

Breakthrough innovations

Text: Denise Kok

The product designers who dreamt up the features of the new BMW 7 series were no doubt conspiring to keep you longer in your seats. Fancy settling into the backseat to find your back being gently massaged? How about parking your phone in a holder that charges your phone sans wires? From the looks of it, the 7 series aims to be more than just a vehicle. It's a first-class ticket for a long-haul ride.   

Adding to the list of firsts is the iDrive operating system monitor that's updated to feature a touch-display interface. You can also scent your car with one of eight aromas provided by the optional ambient air package feature. The sensorial treats also extend to the car's 'Sky Lounge Panorama glass roof' which — as its name suggests — recreates a starry sky on the underside of the roof with the help of LED modules. 

Powered with an updated V8 engine and six-cylinder in-line variants, the vehicles manage to surprise by being unexpectedly lightweight. Thanks to a carbon core body structure, the current flight of cars is up to 130 kilograms lighter than their previous generation counterparts, making it fairly fuel-efficient for those long, languid drives.