ŠKODA Kodiaq review: The SUV steers a new direction for the Czech brand

ŠKODA Kodiaq review: The SUV steers a new direction for the Czech brand

Big shoes to fill

Text: Janice Sim

ŠKODA's glorious comeback into our city has raised a few eyebrows — first with its checkered history of multiple entries and exits from Singapore's market to its blurry distinction with Volkswagen; now distributed and sold directly under the German group.

Having said that, the convoluted opinions on the Czech brand only fueled our curiosity towards the new fleet of ŠKODA models. More importantly, we had our eye on the Kodiaq. For starters, it's a SUV. And we were told it was currently one of their bestsellers. A little part of us also wanted to find out how it stands up against the Volkswagen Tiguan and other SUVs.

Skoda Kodia

First impressions: beast mode. Just by looking at its robust body angled by square wheel arches. Inside, the driver's cockpit is delightfully spacious, as with the second row. Third row? Abit of a squeeze. Coupled with the narrow space for a passenger to shimmy his or her self in, we would say it's a double whammy for the last row. Best reserved for kids, instead of fully grown adults.

Riling up the 1.4 litre turbocharged engine, the Kodiaq is a breeze to cruise along. There's nothing too overtly dangerous or stimulating about driving this seven-seater; which to its defence — works sufficiently for an SUV. Cool features include amping up the echo sound within the premises — it's where you would like to speak audibly to the person sitting at the last row, without the need to shout or compete with the music. There's also the swanky wireless charging port, where our iPhone XS sat prettily while syncing a frequently played playlist on Spotify. The infotainment here was designed intentionally for the tech-savvy, without a doubt. 

Skoda Kodiaq 

So was there a noticeable difference between the Tiguan and the Kodiaq? Not exactly. After all, the same platform, engines and gearboxes are used for both models. What would help anyone make the decision between the two would boil down to your loyalty for VW or your favour towards the lower price point of ŠKODA

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