ŠKODA is the cool comeback car you'd be wise to own this year

A new chapter

Text: Janice Sim

Onboard with ŠKODA and its smart new range of cars

Deciding on a car can be as exciting as it is a conundrum. The slew of options are at times overwhelming and heartwrenching, especially when your eyes are fixated on extravagant logos at the expense of having to fork out a chunk of your future salary. We've done the math, and we plead guilty as charged. 

But let's get real. It's time to wisen up when it comes to making our car decisions. In this day and age, you can set your sights on a luxury machine that looks like a million bucks, while not necessarily costing an arm and a leg on your end — especially with the resurgence of leading Czech automaker, ŠKODA, on our sunny shores.  

The brand might strike a chord with many. After all, ŠKODA has delivered more than 20 million cars around the world. And now, the brand is finally back in Singapore after a five years hiatus. Little did we know, during its absence from the market, that the brand has been planning an epic comeback. One that's carefully plotted to match up with everything a modern-day individual needs and — more importantly — desires to have in their getaway car, sans the hefty price tag. Its snazzy return sparks an intelligent new face in line with its 'Simply Clever' philosophy — marrying luxury, performance and comfort in four key styles, ingeniously crafted for the various consumers of today. 


So, you enjoy the finer things in life. Go on, you deserve it — get onboard with the ŠKODA SUPERB. This sleek beauty is the brand's award-winning flagship car, and with good reason. Angular contours and razor-sharp lines are part of its desirable DNA, along with a powerful and economical engine. Its panoramic sunroof acts as a smart feature to expand its parameters, as well as opening up your morning drives to glorious vistas. The sexy liftback is also technically ahead of the curve, sporting the essentials of Apple CarPlay, in-car communication, and wireless charging. Safety features take the helm at the driver's seat, whereby its hidden radar sensors alert you when you're too close for comfort to other cars on the road. Posh details include its ventilated seats, which could be the key to surviving unbearably humid afternoons in Singapore. Can't pop the boot with freshly manicured fingers? No issue, its virtual pedal will do all the "heavy-lifting" for you.

Bonus points: ŠKODA SUPERB's Driver Alert System is that personal assistant who reminds you when you're too exhausted to be driving — thanks to its intelligent sensors which detect signs of fatigue. Safety, first.

Skoda Singapore


The determining factors are simple: it all boils down to practicality and timeless style. You don't chase trends or make rash decisions; you count on a vehicle for the long run. The new and improved OCTAVIA proves to be more dynamic than its predecessor, boasting a new streamlined body and a wider track. There's more than enough room in the interiors, driver's cockpit, and the boot to accommodate your Brady Bunch and other essentials like a baby pram, camping bags, and suitcases. Swanky features include a nifty cruise control, which allows effortless manoevring the speed meter without needing to step on the accelerator or brakes. Its multi-function steering wheel also comes fitted with radio and telephone controls, aiding you in your journey with radio, telephone, and paddle shift access while trying to tame the kiddos in the backseat.

Bonus points: Wheels are equipped with an intelligent ESC (Electronic Stability Control) system, which helps control the driving dynamics. It manages the brakes, prevents slipping, and locking of the wheels, as well as reduces the risk of collisions. 

Skoda Singapore


Playing it safe isn't really your forté; instead, you relish on living on the edge whenever you get a chance. Look to ŠKODA's first seven-seater SUV, the KODIAQ, for that much-needed adrenaline rush in light of today's urban jungle. Embodying a robust body, square wheel arches, mud flaps, and protective sill covers, this majestic beast is ever-ready for a spontaneous adventure across dirt roads — that is, whenever you are. Running on a 2.0 litre turbocharged engine, the KODIAQ feels ready-for-anything with a powerful output of 132kW. This SUV will definitely take you places in a jiffy. Inside, the car flaunts abundant space, state-of-the-art assistance systems, as well as connectivity features. Gone are the days when SUVs were dubbed to be just another family car.

Bonus points: The all-wheel drive takes you from the city to off-road terrains at the touch of a button. With the KODIAQ in tow, nowhere is off limits.  

Skoda Singapore


If there's a stunning machine to reflect everything you inspire to be in this lifetime, it has to be the ŠKODA RAPID SPACEBACK. We have our sights set on the one in crimson red. The sculpted beauty is undoubtedly easy on the eyes, thanks to its sporty front grille and signature sloping glass roof. Wind-in-hair action? Guaranteed on your next drive to town. Here to support the multi-faceted load of a busy bee on the go, compartments here are everywhere. There's designated places to stash your tumbler, umbrella, yoga mat, and even a practical opening that grants passengers easy access to anything from the boot. You can't afford to be tardy even while living your best life. 

Bonus points: Its phenomenal boot space. Hatchbacks aren't known to have much room to spare but the RAPID SPACEBACK proves otherwise. You'll get a whopping 1,381 litres of luggage capacity with the rear seats folded down alongside sporty styling and comfy seats. 

Skoda Singapore

ŠKODA Singapore will be managed by parent company, Volkswagen Group Singapore.
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