The all-new BMW X1 hits the road

The all-new BMW X1 hits the road

Four wheels are better than two

Text: Denise Kok

The second-generation release of the BMW X is worth the wait

The BMW 7 Series might be all about taking luxury to the next level, but the German automaker's recent release of the BMW X1 draws our attention back to the hardy qualities of the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV). Following the successful debut of the BMW X which saw more than 730,000 units sold worldwide, BMW has shared more details about the car's second-generation model — the BMW X1. The X and X1 might be BMW's smallest SAV of the lot, but it's perfect for small families or young couples who want to ease into BMW's SAV range before locking in for a bigger model.  

The X1 might be modelled upon its predecessor, but it comes with a few notable upgrades. Powered by four-cylinder engines backed with a newly developed chassis technology, the X1's sporting prowess is surpassed only by its ability to deliver a smoother ride.


A more comfortable ride awaits with roomier interiors proffering more wiggle-room for passengers and luggage. The rear seat bench features a three-section split that allows you to flip the backrest down. Depending on whether you need more legroom or luggage room, the bench can slide forwards and backwards by 13cm.

The BMW X1 currently retails at Performance Motors. For more information, click here.