Rolls-Royce pays tribute to these British music legends in an exclusive collaboration

Rolls-Royce pays tribute to these British music legends in an exclusive collaboration

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Text: Janice Sim

Driving the Rolls-Royce Wraith just got infinitely cooler

Here's where luxe meets legendary — Rolls-Royce has unveiled a series of nine bespoke Wraith coupes in celebration of Britain's most revered rock and vocal artists. The collaboration is a fitting one, considering the luxury motoring brand's long-standing partnership with some of the biggest names in music folklore. Back in the day, it was almost like owning a Rolls-Royce dream machine summed up the worth of a musician's fame and fortune. Who can forget John Lennon's psychedelic makeover of his Phantom V or Johnny Cash's iconic black beauty, the Silver Shadow?Rolls-Royce Motoring Cars British Music Legends

Each of these Wraith 'Inspired by British Music' motor cars have been specially commissioned and crafted with unique design symbols that illustrate the formidable career of a British rock and pop icon. Conceptualised by design director Giles Taylor and designer Matthew Danton in partnership with the musicians themselves, the five cars currently available are dedicated to Roger Daltrey CBE, frontman of The Who, Sir Ray Davies of The Kinks, and Giles Martin, on behalf of his father, songwriter and producer Sir George Martin (aka The Fifth Beatle). The remaining four cars, which will be released later in the year, will honour Dame Shirley Bassey, lead singer of Status Quo, Francis Rossi OBE and Ronnie Wood, previously from The Rolling Stones.

Rolls-Royce Motoring Car Seats British Music Legends Collaboration

All nine of the bespoke Wraith coupes have the artist's name engraved on the door treadplates and on the base of the brand's emblematic bonnet. However, each car is unique in personalisation. In The Who's special coupe, for example, you'll find the band's famous bullseye logo on the dashboard clock and leather-stitched between the two rear seats. Our favourite? The Sir George Martin version — song titles of the famed record producer's number-one hit singles are sewn between the rear leather seats, while lyrics of 'Yesterday' by The Beatles are reflected on its copper doors. Yes, our troubles seem so far away. 

Rolls-Royce Motoring Car Seats British Music Legends Collaboration

This special Rolls-Royce collaboration also seeks to give back — a portion of the sales from each 'Inspired by British Music' car will be donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust, and a few other charities. Talk about yet another beautiful cause to transpire from the legacy of a legend. 

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