Road trip warrior: Infiniti Q50

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Road trip warrior: Infiniti Q50
Spacious interiors, ergonomic seats, and a great sound system make this luxe ride the perfect choice for your next cross country trip

There's nothing quite like the joy of cruising down the freeway or turning a corner on the Great Ocean Road to see nature fanned out like one infinite cinematic reel. Whether you're looking to clear your head with a languid drive or warm-up the engines of an old faithful that's been sitting for far too long in the garage, the very car you choose to cruise in isn't just a means to an end, it sets the tone for the entire drive. For that, we turn to the Infiniti Q50 as our ride of choice.

Infiniti Q50

Fitted with a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-charged engine, this premium saloon from Nissan's luxury brand makes for a great highway cruiser. The suspension is generous enough to smooth over bumps on the road while the Direct Adaptive Steering system lets you calibrate the weight and sensitivity of the wheel for a personalised steering feel.   

The generous interiors of the Infiniti Q50 cut through the claustrophobia of your average four-door ride. Ample headroom in the front and rear of the car can easily accommodate a 6-foot tall person. Thanks to the new, thin front seatback design, passengers in the back will have plenty of knee room to slide into. 

Infiniti Q50

However, the best seats in the house are to be found in the front. To circumvent the stiff back and knees that comes with a long drive, Infiniti engineers set out to design fatigue-free seats so you can truly cruise in comfort. By referencing NASA space research, they managed to replicate the neutral posture the body adopts in a zero gravity environment, allowing for a position to be maintained for long periods without discomfort.

Infiniti Q50

While the car is put together with cutting-edge technology, the interior stylings take its cue from ancient traditions. Together with genuine maple wood trims, you'll find the interior accented with Kacchu aluminium inspired by traditional Samurai armaments.

We'll also power on the extra mile with a killer 14-speaker Bose Sound System. Perfect for streaming the soundtrack to your ride, the custom-designed Bose speakers are strategically and discreetly fitted throughout the car to provide that satisfying surround-sound experience. Kiss those lo-fi sounds goodbye. Your road trip just found its long awaited aural boost.

For more information about the Infiniti Q50, visit Infiniti Singapore

Text: Denise Kok

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