The Mini Seven is a revival of its legendary predecessor

The Mini Seven is a revival of its legendary predecessor

Rooting for rerooting

Text: Bianca Husodo

Breathing a new lease of life into the original 1959 Austin Seven

They say all good things must come to an end, but Mini thinks otherwise. When the first model of Mini's iconic four-seater was presented in August 1959, it was monikered after the popular British car, Austin Seven. More than five decades later, the carmaker pays tribute to its forerunner with an eponymous protégé: the Mini Seven — a zippy, modern remix of the style icon for the ultimate urbanite.

mini seven
Athletic and polished, the Mini Seven sports a five-door model in its signature glaze of an intensive lapis lazuli blue shade, while alternative body finishes include the non-metallic hue of white, or metallics of black and green. The roof and exterior mirror caps are coated in a melting silver, pairing smartly with the stripes emblazoned on the bonnet. And serving as the bearer of your badge of honour, the side scuttles (the surrounds of the side indicators on the front wheel arches) proudly carry the unmistakable logo of the Mini Seven.

mini seven interior

Sliding in, the interior is trimmed with a plush colour scheme of black and malt brown, carried from the horizontal structure of the cockpit to the chequered sport seats resembling a go-kart's. Powered with Mini's Twin Power Turbo tech, it might just be as mightily speedy. Now slink back and roam the city in a classic that transcends the boundaries of time.

The new five-door Mini Seven is available for viewing at the
Mini Habitat showroom.