Mini Cooper 5-Door review: The space, comfort and theatrics within the retro hatchback

Mini Cooper 5-Door review: The space, comfort and theatrics within the retro hatchback

A car's monologue

Text: Janice Sim

A day in a life of a Mini Cooper 5-Door

Most people recognise me as an instant hit with the ladies, but I would like to assume I appeal to the opposite gender as well.  The same logic goes: if real men wear pink, real men can easily cruise down in a Mini Cooper.

Unlike the rest of my smaller cousins namely the 3-Door, I'm definitely bigger and longer in size — but still not huge enough to be counted as a family car. After all, what's big in the context of Mini cars? Go figure. I'm still compact enough to warrant an impressive record when it comes to parking in a tight space. The boot bags more room, perhaps for an extra piece of luggage but definitely not one of those monster-sized prams. Kids? Perhaps you can ask me about it in a few years; but for now, I'm perfect for singlehood.

Mini Cooper

My cockpit echoes the same sentiment. I'm booted with glowing neon lights around the main electronic display (which colours can be easily changed with the flick of a switch), so it's apparent there isn't much of an off-day when it comes to my mantra for living it up. The retro aesthetic on the dashboard is still very much retained, with circular air vents and vintage toggle switches.

Mini cooper

My ride is smooth yet relatively more conservative; as with most models out there. Fuel efficiency is key. It might not command the turbo like an Audi, but it's nimble when you want it to be, swiftly picking up speed to overtake traffic and zip between lanes. Steering motion renders a light and easy affair; you wouldn't have to worry about tackling sharp bends — my wheels can help ease the load on that. There's also a 7-speed Stepronic transmission with double clutch; that essentially means shifting between gears like a pro without interfering with the car's speed. 

Finally, between us — you're better off purchasing a 5-Door like myself instead of a 3-Door. You'll get extra room and functional doors for your company all within a reasonable price difference. 

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