Mercedes-Benz launches its most luxurious full-sized SUV yet

Mercedes-Benz launches its most luxurious full-sized SUV yet

Go big or go home

Text: Jessica Zheng

A seven-seater of the highest order

Hailed as the S-Class of SUVs, Mercedes-Benz set a new bar in the luxury SUV market with its new Mercedes-Benz GLS. Compared with its GL-class predecessor, the exterior of the new GLS sports updates such as a redesigned bumper and front-end that closely resembles that of the flagship S-Class sedan.


This seven-passenger ride not only offers ample space and comfort for all passengers, but also allows for flexible adjustments on the centre row that can be fully reclined to cargo position, providing a significantly larger load compartment than other SUVs. Other interior highlights include a new modified centre console and three shades of ambient lighting. 


With regards to its performance, the new GLS engines are not only more powerful, but more fuel efficient as well. The Dynamic Select function lets you toggle between six transmission modes, allowing you to tackle a variety of terrains — perfect for those who enjoy driving up to Malaysia. Coupled with its comprehensive safety features, the new GLS guarantees a smooth and safe ride both on and off the beaten track.


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