That Lexus LC 500 from Black Panther can now be yours

That Lexus LC 500 from Black Panther can now be yours

Wakanda Forever

Text: Janice Sim

Not all superheroes wear capes; some of them ride in fast cars. Check out Lexus' limited edition stunning blue coupé

In many ways, Black Panther was undoubtedly a Marvel movie to go down in history. From the all-black cast to iconic costumes, there was never a dull moment in the movie — one of which was a pivotal moment starring a Lexus dream machine.  

After all, even superheroes need a little assistance sometimes. There's Batman and his trusty Batmobile, and then there's T'Challa/Black Panther played by the dashing Chadwick Boseman and a structural limited-edition Lexus coupé, spun off their first luxury coupe (LC). After the exhilarating scene where Black Panther clung onto the roof of his LC 500 while his tech-whiz sister piloted it from another realm, we have to say we're leaning towards the latter.

Lexus LC 500 Black Panther

The good news is, this car doesn't just exist in the movies. In fact, it is an actual functioning coupé that was designed for Black Panther, but is now available for sale. Powered by a 470bhp engine, the LC 500 delivers a ingenious blend of power and performance. It is also effortlessly easy to zip around, thanks to the aluminium and carbon fibre sported in the machinery, both of which are used to reduce the car's weight and optimise dynamic handling for swift reflexes. 

What about the stunning blue body? It's expertly obtained with cutting-edge technology, which reflects nearly 100% light as compared to the 50% from conventional blue pigments. Safe to say, this is a one-of-a-kind sheen capable of stopping traffic. 

Lexus LC 500 Black Panther

Eager to live out your Wakanda fantasies? While you might not be allowed to do a backflip on the hood of the car like the hero did in the film, you can head on down to the Lexus Boutique to witness the coupé in its full glory. 

The Lexus LC 500 is now available for viewing at the Lexus Boutique till the 31 May.