The Jaguar XE comes to town

The Jaguar XE comes to town

Swift chariot

Text: Denise Kok

Does Jaguar's most advanced sports sedan live up to the hype?

When Jaguar unveiled its 2016 XF model earlier this year, it enlisted the help of a stunt master to drive the car over two wire cables suspended over the River Thames. The debut of its latest XE range in Singapore last week didn't quite come with the same measure of fanfare, but it was notable for being the brand's most advanced sports sedan to date. 

Jaguar XE Prestige

The model is available in three trim levels — Prestige, R-Sport, and S — all of which come with the option to be powered by Jaguar's new Ingenium family of diesel engines. The engines, designed and manufactured in-house, delivers on a power and torque output of 180PS/430Nm. It might be a high performer, but the engine is surprisingly not a guzzler. It takes an environmentally friendly stance by keeping fuel consumption and CO2 emissions low. 

Thanks to the XE's new advanced aluminium architecture, the car boasts a strong, durable bodyshell that doesn't add to its weight. It's essentially the lightest yet most rigid saloon that Jaguar has launched to date. A combination of high-strength aluminium alloys have been utilised to reinforce the passenger compartment, thus reducing the chances for intrusion in the event of a collision. 

Jaguar XE Prestige

Those in the driver's seat will also find a new suite of advanced driver assistance systems at their disposal. From smart brakes utilising traffic-scanning stereo cameras to systems  that improve low-speed traction in adverse conditions, the new flight of techologies all point towards a safer ride. 

Available at the Jaguar showroom. For more information, click here.