Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix: All the moments you might have missed

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix: All the moments you might have missed

Including some off-track shenanigans

Text: Denise Kok

Image: Getty Images

Nico Rosberg's maiden win in Singapore, a monitor lizard on the track, and Louis Hamilton's Singapore GP playlist

1. Exotic wildlife hazards

Last year, a 27-year-old British national wandered onto the track mid-way through the race. This year, the track played red carpet to yet another unwelcome intruder, this time in the form of a monitor lizard strutting across the tarmac #LikeABoss, prompting Red Bull driver Max Verstappen to exclaim in disbelief: "There's a giant lizard on the track.". Unlike its human predecessor, the beast is unlikely to face a six-week jail term.  

singapore formula 1 grand prix

2. Shaky beginnings

Talk about a dramatic start. Just seconds into the race, Force India's Nico Hulkenberg collided with Toro Rosso's Carlos Sainz, sending his car straight into the wall. Poor Hulkenberg, he didn't even make it to the first turn before having to return to the pit. Other casualties? Mclaren-Honda's Jenson Button had his front wing clipped and flung onto the road. Button eventually had to retire from the race as well. Collateral damage is real. 

singapore formula 1 grand prix crash

3. Podium #Wefies

Along with the obligatory champagne showers, podium #wefies look set to be part of the victory parade. Nico Rosberg immortalised his maiden win in Singapore by whipping out his phone for a jubilant shot with Red Bull Racing's Daniel Ricciardo and fellow Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton. How close was Ricciardo to snatching the crown from Rosberg? 0.48 seconds. 

f1 singapore grand prix

4. Just keep pushing

After battling an unfortunate suspension failure during the qualify rounds, Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel had to contend with starting last evening's race at the back of the grid. However, that didn't stop him from crossing the finishing line in fifth position. The four-time world champion scaled 17 positions in this race alone, earning him the fan-voted title of 'Driver of the Day'. Vettel's steely charge to fifth goes to show that it doesn't matter how you start, but how you finish, that matters. 

f1 singapore grand prix

5. Making pit stops for street food

Whoever said drivers had to adhere to a strict meal plan? Diets are clearly not part of the equation for Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo, who dropped by Newton Food Centre for his pre-race fix of barbecued chicken wings and plenty of seafood. 

f1 singapore grand prix

6. It's getting hot in here

No one ever gets used to the heat and humidity in Singapore. Not even Singaporeans. So we couldn't blame Nico Rosberg for exclaming that "It's too damn hot!". His way of beating the heat? Stripping down and planting his face in front of an electric fan. 

f1 singapore grand prix

7. Lewis Hamilton's quite the DJ too

How does Lewis Hamilton get into the zone? By getting a good aural dose of Drake, Kanye, and — surprise, surprise — Justin Bieber. The Mercedes driver created a special playlist just for the Singapore leg of the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Tune in below.