Ferrari introduces a new handling option for its California T model

Ferrari introduces a new handling option for its California T model

Need for speed

Text: Denise Kok

Brace yourself for a sportier ride

When it comes to the world of grand tourers, there's nothing like cruising towards the horizon in Ferrari's California T. The iconic V8 model from the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer has charmed with its combination of performance and versatility, but those looking a little more torque in their turn can look forward to the vehicle's brand new Handling Speciale (HS) option. 

Ferrari HS option Californian T

In Sport mode, the revised gear-shift logic allows for a swifty and sportier engagement during both up- and down-shifts. Most notably, the updated F1-Trac logic allows for better acceleration when exiting corners or tackling bumpier road surfaces. 

You'll also hear the car even before you see it. Fitted with a new exhaust system which produces an exhaust note that roars with each speed increase, the new HS option gives your California T an instantly recognisable war cry. As the sportier cousin of the standard California T, the car will also boast a new front grille in matte Griogio Ferro Met, as well as matte black fences and tailpipes.

The HS option for the Ferrari California T makes its debut at the Geneva International Motor Show (3-13 March 2016).