The BMW i3 (94Ah) is testament to why going electric is the way forward

The BMW i3 (94Ah) is testament to why going electric is the way forward

Fast and conscious

Text: Amelia Chia

You'll be a model citizen in a nifty ride

Say whatever you wish, but there's no denying the presence of electric cars on our tiny island. And why shouldn't we embrace it, given that we are vigilant about our carbon footprint in every other aspect of our lives? Making the choice with OFO bikes, public transport, conserving water, and reusable coffee cups are some examples of conscious modern-day living.

Making the decision to switch to an electric car isn't always easy, but the benefits are worth your dilemma. With zero tailpipe emissions, you won't be spewing smog-forming pollutants and greenhouse gases on a daily basis — you're helping the Earth survive in its current state for a lot longer. If a Tesla doesn't strike your fancy, and you're still looking for a hip, spacious, slick, and fast drive, we have the answer. Meet the BMW i3 (94Ah), the newest addition to BMW i's range of compact electric cars with increased battery capacity. Compared to the i3, the electric range has increased over 50 percent from 190km to 300km. In everyday driving, even in bad weather conditions or bad traffic, the range still lasts up to 200km — safe enough to go multiple trips across our island for a few days before it needs juice.

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If you, like us, are ruled by paranoia when it comes to your car halting to a standstill on the road, there's the option for a Range Extender, which delivers a maximum output of 28kW/38hp and powers a generator in order to produce electricity. What this means is that as soon as the charging level of the lithium ion batteries drops to a certain level, the Range Extender kicks in to keep the charging level constant. This extends the range by 150km under everyday conditions. Although the Range Extender adds an additional 120kg of weight, the motor still propels from 0 to 100km/h in 8.1 seconds (as opposed to 7.3 seconds without the Range Extender). It's no wonder the BMW i3 (94Ah) the sportiest and most efficient electric vehicle in its segment.

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As with most electric vehicles, the BMW i3 (94Ah) is distinctively quiet on the roads — you won't even hear the engine most of the time — and is ideal for city driving. It feels like a chic go-kart with its regenerative braking, where lifting off the throttle feels like heavy engine braking — you won't even have to hit the brakes for the car to come to a complete stop. Best part for us city dwellers? It's also extremely easy to park and has a decent turning circle.

When you finally need to charge your baby, all you have to do is plug it into a BMW I Wallbox that can be installed in your home (in Singapore, it's currently available for landed properties and condominiums only). With the Wallbox, your car charges to 80 percent of its capacity in less than three hours. Alternatively, on a standard charging cable to a conventional domestic 230-volt socket, the high-voltage battery regains 80 percent of its full capacity in less than 10 hours.

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If you're out and about and need juice, fret not. There are currently 60 public Greenlots electric vehicle charging stations at 37 locations across the island. Additionally, from now till 2020, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) is working on an electric vehicle car-sharing programme that will see 1,000 electric vehicles and 2,000 charging pints being rolled out.

Looks and functionality definitely matter, and your BMW i3 (94Ah) feels the same. It's a compact, practical car that has proper seating for four and easy access via rear suicide doors — with the usual LED headlights, multimedia services, and navigation options which will aid even the newest of drivers. Fitted with naturally treated leather, wood, wool, and other renewable raw materials, the sustainable premium character on your electric car is visible and tangible.

We can't think of a finer way to start your journey as a model citizen. 

For more information, visit BMW Singapore.