Best SUVs for the cool mum

Best SUVs for the cool mum

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Text: Daryl Lee

Note: these aren’t the SUVs that only bag practicality, but the stylish rebels that meet you halfway when it comes to accommodating a car seat and a stroller. Cool mum of the year? Your kids could very likely think so

BMW x2
Luggage space: 470 litres

The BMW X2 costs roughly $24,000 more than its fraternal twin, the BMW X1. And it gets 35 litres less luggage space, in addition to having a higher load sill. What that last point means is that if you're loading heavier or awkwardly shaped items, you'd better have a good answer to the question, "Do you even lift?". What you do gain over the X1 is funkier styling. Actually, a whole lot more funky styling and surprisingly taut handling, though this comes at the expense of some comfort. And if you so chose, metallic yellow paint that's echoed in the stitching for the seats, which is nice. The BMW X2 won't win any awards for absolute practicality, but it certainly will score you cool points, and as anybody will tell you, those points are painfully hard to score.

SUVs for cool mums

Jaguar E-Pace
Luggage space: 577 litres

The Jaguar E-Pace is not electric, despite what the "E" might suggest. That distinction goes to the I-Pace, because in an Apple world, "I" comes before "E" when it comes to denoting items of high technology. Anyway, the smallest member of the Jaguar SUV family (well, there are only two, so it wins this one by default) is small in name only. Its luggage space of 577 litres gives it the most spacious caboose amongst its peers by a good long way. Part of it is down to its width, far girthier than its rivals and wider even than some luxury limousines. Good because people are less likely to take liberties with you on the road. Bad because, well, we hope you don't have to park or manoevre it around narrow spaces too often.

SUVs for cool mums

Citroen C4 Cactus
Luggage space: 358 litres

The Citroen C4 Cactus may get just 358 litres of cargo capacity, mainly because it's a crossover, not a full-blown SUV. Translation: it's a hatchback on stilts. Technically, all SUVs are hatchbacks too, but let's not go there. The C4 Cactus is cheap, cheerful and the latest in a long line of cars from a manufacturer that has built its modern reputation on left-of-centre cars. See those blisters on its flanks? Citroen calls them Airbumps (think of it as car-sized bubble wrap) and they protect the bodywork from small dings; you know, the sort you might get if you're a little ham-fisted with installing the child seat. Its prickly (this is a pun, please chortle appropriately), quirky styling won't appeal to everyone, but we have to say we're smitten, with it looking a bit like a retro dune buggy.

SUVs for cool mums

Volvo XC40
Luggage space: 460 litres

Now this is a day we never thought we'd see coming. Volvo, once the brand of choice for uncool soccer mums is now the sort of thing a cool soccer mum might like. Look at its blocky profile, sculpted flanks, or its interior that looks like it's come straight out of an Ikea catalogue. Very vogue and bang on trend, something you couldn't say about Volvos of old. 460 litres of space in the back is middling, but the XC40, like Volvos of old, is safe as houses. Scratch that, it's probably safer than your house. After all, can your house detect other road users and stop automatically, or can it gently steer you back into your lane if it detects you're drifting into oncoming traffic? We didn't think so.

SUVs for cool mums

Volkswagen Tiguan
Luggage space: 520 litres 

A Volkswagen Tiguan could hardly be called an emotional car. It's not arresting in any one respect, but therein lies its charm. It's the fuss-free workhorse packed with features that make it a winner. A spacious 520 litre boot is only the beginning — slide the rear seats forward and you get 615 litres, up to 1,655 litres with the rear seats down. The rest of its cabin is also filled with thoughtful storage spaces. Each of the door pockets will hold a 1.5-litre bottle, it boasts a low loading sill and a large, square load aperture. However, these aren't unique features to the Tiguan. What is unique to the Tiguan is how well the car is laid out and easy to use. If you think that isn't cool — well, just think about how uncool being flustered is. 

SUVs for cool mums

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