Audi A6: New and improved

More than meets the eye

Audi A6: New and improved
A quiet, powerful ride

Given that the A6 has been Audi's top-selling car, the new Audi A6 range has a lot to live up to. At first glance, the changes to the refreshed A6 models might seem subtle, but look beyond the design front and you'll find a new engine line-up featuring TFSI units with outputs ranging from 190-hp to 333-hp.

Audi A6

Along with the new engines, the A6 is fitted with advanced Matrix LED technology headlights and a navigation system conveniently displayed on a generous eight-inch monitor that retracts on command. A personal virtual assistant is also on hand to guide you beyond navigating from point A to point B. It can locate restaurants and read your emails out loud; all the better for keeping your eyes on the road. That isn't all — suave leather seats, finely crafted wood inlays, and an impressive Bose (or Bang & Olufsen) sound system form the little touches that make the ride just that bit more luxe. 

Keen to get behind the wheel? From now till 21 June, you can take the A6 out for more than a spin at the Audi Driving Experience 2015

Text: Denise Kok

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