Audi's latest commercial features an unlikely hero

Look ma, no hands!

Text: Denise Kok

Your favourite T-Rex memes brought to life

Life isn't easy when you're T-Rex. You might sit at the top of the food chain, but your impossibly short arms are practically useless. Making the bed, flipping pancakes, clapping your hands — consider these everyday tasks to be as insurmountable as Everest. Trust German automobile brand Audi to find the humour (we knew the Germans had it in them) in T-Rex's sorry plight by featuring this prehistoric creature as the star of its latest commercial.

The commercial, which traces the downward spiral of a depressed T-Rex as he struggles to get by in life, climaxes in a moment of redemption when the melancholic creature experiences his first hands-free ride in an Audi car (what else) powered by the automobile's pilot driving technology. 

T-Rex attempts to flip a pancake without much success

T-Rex might have been brought to life by CGI animation, but the self-driving car in the commercial is no mere stretch of the imagination. Audi's piloted driving technology has been in the works since 2005, when they emerged tops in a DARPA Grand Challenge for automated vehicles. Just last year, it even managed to steer a car through heavy traffic in Shanghai. Closer to home, owners of models such as the Audi A4—launched earlier this year in Singapore—will find driver assist features that help drivers to stay on course within a lane or navigate a traffic jam with ease.