Audi Sportback A5: An easy ride in style and practicality

Audi Sportback A5: An easy ride in style and practicality

Room for more

Text: Janice Sim

The coupé that's actually spacious

When Audi first released the A5, we were enthralled by the coupé's outstanding features, whilst hesitant of its drawbacks — its two-door limit plus a potential squeeze-fest for folks who are six feet tall and above. 

And then came along the Audi A5 Sportback, a five-door coupé that basically retained all the stylish elements of its A5 sibling, while boasting the extra room of a sedan. Designed to be a sleek and sportier alternative to its predecessor, the car is booted with a sloping roofline and stretched wheelbase. An upper hand in the chic department, if you ask us. We recently took it out for a spin, and here's what we uncovered.

Audi A5 Sportback

It runs smooth, steady and powerful

The ride, as with every Audi, is expectedly smooth. Its 2.0 TFSI engine delivers 190hp plus an innovative B-cycle technology, which enhances fuel efficiency. This means less trips to the petrol station, and scoring some extra savings. While in cruise mode, the engine is pleasantly quiet — often an understated luxury that we noticed as compared to sitting in a noisy vehicle. It also doesn't take much for the coupé to zip along (even from a dead stop); all you need is to apply gentle pressure on the throttle, and you're off to good speed. 

Audi A5 Sportback

The cockpit reminds us why technology is awesome

Declared the virtual cockpit, you can easily shift between navigation, radio, and vehicle information just by turning a dial on the console right above the gearstick. The coolest and safest part about the car? An optional head-up display which projects all important information (like speed and navigation routes) onto the windscreen. This allows you to check on yourself while keeping your eyes on the road. Other rad features include in-car Wi-Fi as well as an added incentive of getting a massage in the driver or passenger's seat while dropping your kids off at school. 

Audi A5 Sportback

There's more than room for two

The A5 Sportback is ultimately about space. Think broader seats and better legroom for folks in the back. The boot? Gloriously spacious — in fact, it rates the best in its class. You can stow away a couple of luggage and still have room for more. If you've got your hands full, simply sweep your feet underneath the rear and it will open up — nothing's impossible with a little sensor control.  

For more information, visit Audi Singapore. 

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