Audi's on-demand concierge service turns car rentals into an instant luxury

Audi's on-demand concierge service turns car rentals into an instant luxury

Smooth sailing

Text: Janice Sim

You won't have to do anything but drive

So, you need a sweet ride for the weekend. No strings attached, no commitment necessary; just a car that you can call your own for a while. But the problem with car rentals comes down to the tedious process of it all — deciding on the perfect vehicle, making a trip to the rental location, then having to return it back at the same spot.

Exhausting isn't it? Well, Audi's latest online concierge (titled Audi on demand) serves to relinquish these cumbersome logistics. By launching a premium mobility platform, which happens to be a first-of-its-kind in Southeast Asia, drivers can peruse the latest selection of Audi models and easily make a quick booking from there. Once that's been settled, your car of choice will be personally driven to your pick-up location. It will also be collected from the same place on the date of return. You won't have to be fussed about doing anything besides making the most of your time with the car — which can be as short as four hours or as long as 28 days. 

Audi on demand concierge service

From sedans to Q-models with the latest features, including infotainment and navigation functionalities, drivers will have the luxury to take Audi's newest technologies for a quick spin. Whether it be a wedding over the weekend or a people-mover for the week, you're bound to find the perfect fit. It comes in an all-inclusive rate of a service package, insurance coverage as well as complementary accessories like a child seat. 

Thanks to this revolutionary service, your next premium car rental experience will come sign, sealed and delivered straight to you, gussied in good ol' Audi fashion.  

Audi on demand is now available in Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Munich Airport. Get started here today.