Audi e-tron Scooter is a scooter-skateboard hybrid with bluetooth functions and theft protection

Audi e-tron Scooter is a scooter-skateboard hybrid with bluetooth functions and theft protection

Asphalt surfing

Text: Evan Mua

Personal mobility devices (PMDs) are an ubiquitous sight on the streets of Singapore nowadays. Though we all share a common detestation for the neighbourhood jerk who zooms past the entire neighbourhood at ungodly hours while techno blares out of the speakers, little can be argued about how convenient PMDs are. Especially when you travel around a lot in a small cities like Singapore, with a well-developed road/pavement system. Not to mention, gliding around effortlessly is an immensely fun experience.

Speaking of the fun factor, a new e-scooter planned for release in 2020 amps up the fun the Audi e-tron Scooter, which combines an e-scooter with a skateboard. Unlike typical scooters, this snazzy hybrid device has a unique handling system, where the rider controls the skateboard with their feet through shifting their weight, while keeping one hand on the handlebar for stability and the other free to signal. With a max speed of 20km/h, and a moveable axis that allows for some really tight curves, it is perfect for sport-loving riders who want to feel like they are carving waves while cruising to work as Audi puts it, it's like "asphalt surfing"

The handlebar holds a battery status display, as well a twist grip that controls acceleration and braking. The device also has a nifty Bluetooth interface where you can adjust your ride's characteristics, as well as theft protection. And at a weight of 12kg, it can also be easily folded up to commute with, if you ever need to get onto the crowded public transport system, the scooter can be dragged around like a trolley. Though we're not sure why anyone would choose public transport over cruising on the e-scooter.

Of course, safety first. The e-tron is fitted with all the legally required LED lights  the headlight, daytime running light, rear light and brake light to ensure proper visibility while on the public paths, and equipped with a hydraulic foot brake, to ensure the riding experience will be a smooth and safe experience. This is, after all, Audi that we're talking about.

The Audi e-tron Scooter is planned for production at sale for late 2020, priced at S$3,097 (€2,000)