Aston Martin DB11 review: Breaking down the best traits of the British grand tourer

Aston Martin DB11 review: Breaking down the best traits of the British grand tourer

What's to love?

Text: Daryl Lee

Whether it's the Volante, V12 or AMR, Aston Martin DB11's interior and specs remain unique to its kind. Here are our favourite features

1. It's an Aston Martin

One of the carmaker's hallmarks has always been its ability to style cars that are simultaneously curvy and brutish, and the DB11 is no exception. While its profile and rear end with its slim light cluster might hint at its gentlemanly nature, its broad grille and frowny headlights say otherwise.

Aston Martin

2. The engines

The Aston Martin DB11 is available with a choice of engines. Specifically, a 5.2-litre V12 with 608bhp (roughly five times what an average saloon makes) and a 4-litre V8 with 510bhp. Whichever engine you choose, all you really need to know is both engines endow the DB11 with truly stupid levels of performance. More than you'll ever need on public roads and more than enough to leave mere mortals driving lesser cars a rapidly disappearing speck in your rear view mirror.

Aston Martin

3. A beautiful cabin

Once upon a time, when the world was darkness and Aston Martin was owned by Ford, its cars were nice from afar, but far from nice. But this is the new Aston Martin, free of mismanagement and it shows in its cars. The DB11's cabin is a riot of supple leather, fine plastics and a digital dashboard like all the cool kids have these days. The colours you can specify for its interior and exterior are virtually limitless and if you like to get fancy, you can opt for the seats to look like your favourite pair of brogues.

Aston Martin

4. The power to bruise

Perhaps you're the kind of person that thinks 608bhp isn't enough. Perhaps you think a top speed of 322km/h is a little slow. If so, Aston Martin would like to introduce you to the DB11 AMR. Peak power goes up to 639bhp and its top speed is raised to 334km/h. Fairly modest increases, but the real magic is the handling upgrades applied to the car to make it handle even better than it ever did. 

Aston Martin

5. The power to cruise

You know how they say a surefire way to make a good sports car even better is to lop its roof off? Yeah, it applies to the DB11 as well. The Volante model sports a fully automated fabric top that takes 16 seconds to raise and 14 seconds to lower. Even better is the way the roof's mechanism is operable on the move — at speeds of up to 50km/h, one of the highest speed thresholds around. 

Aston Martin

For more information on the Aston Martin DB11, click here. 

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