Travelling yoga teacher Rocky Heron: \"It can take trial and error to find that perfect class\"

Travelling yoga teacher Rocky Heron: "It can take trial and error to find that perfect class"

On the move

Text: Janice Sim

Some travel to learn while others, like Rocky Heron, travel to teach

We've all heard of the many benefits of yoga — gaining better flexibility, maintaining a healthy metabolism, losing weight, and the list goes on. Add to that the enriching experience of travelling the world and that's exactly what Rocky Heron does for a living. As the founder of Yoga with Rocky, and a faculty teaching member at one of LA's esteemed yoga schools YOGAMAZE, Heron frequently visits different yoga studios worldwide, whether for workshops or retreats. Jet lag aside, his job pretty much sounds like a dream.

When he was in town recently to conduct a session at The Yoga School, we sat down and had the opportunity to learn more about the practice of yoga from the travelling teacher himself.

There's no such thing as a favourite destination
"The practice of yoga really encourages presence; I can only teach in the moment. This sounds cheesy but the best place to teach is usually wherever I am because that represents the culmination of everything I have experienced in that exact moment."

Yoga shouldn't just be for the ladies
"I think the way yoga is presented is often misinterpreted to be feminine, which is why it is so female-dominated. I can see why because it teaches us to be more mindful and sensitive with our bodies, which is usually more relatable to women. But the truth is, yoga isn't just about stretching or flexibility. You can't truly be flexible without being strong — mastering yoga is about strength and core, which I think is predominantly what a man's training would be like."

Music at a yoga class doesn't have to come from a curated playlist
"I often find that music is a competing element for people actually being present to what's happening in their bodies during the sessions. To me, I don't traditionally play music in my classes because there's already music — whether it's the sound of people breathing or falling out of the poses. There's always a soundtrack to every class and I've grown to appreciate the sound of practising yoga."

Always give yourself more than just one class
"Just like how you wouldn't swear off going to restaurants just because your first time at one was bad, it's the same thing for yoga. If you go to a class that doesn't sit well with you, do know that there are many different class experiences and you should really take the time to try them out till you find one that resonates. Just like with any relationship, it can take a little bit of trial and error to find that." 

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